Luci, a single mother of 3, began working as an escort to earn more money. She was able to take this step due to being open-minded and sexual, and she was surprised at how much she enjoyed this line of work. She quickly discovered her skill at providing quality intimate connections with her clientele and found that 99% of her customers became repeat clients. Over the years, her body and mind evolved into an expert provider and the feedback she received was that she possessed this incredibly unique wetness. Her juice was wet, sweet, silky, and creamy, and when she learned the art of squirting, it became more and more desirable. Men were lining up to be with Luci, word got out that her juice would put you under her spell. She discovered something about herself that needed to be shared; this incredibly deep carnal, sensual wetness. A taste to be sought out, a texture to be EXPERIENCED... and so Luci's Goo evolved!

The Story Behind Luci's Goo