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About Me : The Australian Chameleon


I wear many different hats and do many different things for 'work', but I call myself an Entrepreneur. Yes, I am an Adult Content Creator; a Model; a Life Coach (with a Psych Degree); Yes, I am an Artist; a freelance Writer; and Yes I'm trying to change the way the world views people in the adult entertainment industry by being open and honest about my work, my life, and my sexuality. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to learn more about my life (The Luci Power Perspective).

I've won awards within the Adult Entertainment Industry and even a world title in the bodybuilding industry but I'm now focusing on growing my performance, production and directing skills here in the USA. I currently live in Orlando but travel to world to learn, develop business and create.

I am the Director of which is an innovative website for Australian Content Creators, both new and established, as well as supporting businesses within the adult industry. I am currently conducting research and development for the release of a US version of the website so stay tuned.

For bookings please email:

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